GEOMETRY OF GOLD: MONTHLY Today I decided to dig a little deeper and in parallel with gold futures also assessed long-term candles for Silver, GDX, and GOLD. Everything points to a much longer decline, however, there is a possibility of a short-lived relief in the next 2-4 weeks. Let me explain why. GoldMonthlyGold closed itsContinue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: MONTHLY”


1. NDX and futures closed with Hanging Man. Requires confirmation, better tomorrow. Price needs to close at ATH in order to cancel those.2. DJ cash technically confirmed reversal and should close lower tomorrow. DJ futures completed a complex combo that requires a confirmation. Ideally, lower than today’s low.3. SP and ES completed with clean HangingContinue reading “CANDLES SPEAK: Daily”

Long Term Forecast – Honeywell (HON)

The stock is within 4 points of the level of 3 fibs from the all time low. It means that it can reverse any time now. The main channel is well developed and all major wave tops are sitting on the parallel lines. Wave IV produced a throw-under that explains a throw-over for what looksContinue reading “Long Term Forecast – Honeywell (HON)”

Long Term Forecast – American Express (AXP)

American Express stock seems to be following a very precise channel. If measured from the very beginning, wave III completed in February 2020 at exactly 2.0 off the all time low and the stock is experiencing a correction. If we rely on accuracy of the channel, the end of wave IV is expected in theContinue reading “Long Term Forecast – American Express (AXP)”

Long Term Forecast – TSX (Canada)

I think this is a rather interesting, thought-provoking chart. I believe that wave I ended in 2008 and since then we struggled in a very complex flat. I think that wave B of that flat ended with a diagonal which explains a sharp drop of wave C to the origin of the diagonal. Waves A andContinue reading “Long Term Forecast – TSX (Canada)”

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