Gold Futures: Strange, But I Am Cautiously Bullish

Quick Candle View:
This week GC had an attempt to close below the previous low in September, but failed. The last four candles were traded entirely within the body of that monstrous red Monday’s candle, making it a nice multiple bullish Harami. Considering these and few other signs and events, I am changing my short term view to Cautiously Bullish. However, the bearish threat is not gone entirely.
In order to make a swift recovery, from candles perspective, GC needs to make a min 3.0 fib wave with the top candle to close above 1966.05 as I projected on the short term chart.  Ideally, from the perspective of the weekly candles, the wave should end with the closure above 1966.05 on Friday, the next week or the week after. If the wave up reverses earlier (below 1966.05), the odds for bearish continuation would increase.

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