Long Term Forecast for Tesla (TSLA)

When at the end of September TSLA was 420, I made a Long Term chart and projected it to go to 529-568 by February 2021. Now it looks like I was a little shy with regard to the timeline. Apparently, TSLA is almost there, and, if my eyes are not mistaken, it is working on a ending diagonal to complete the rally in style. The question is how high would it go. Would it reach 529 to fit the Golden Section or would it just make a technical new high 502.50 (1 pip over the September high) and then reverse? This is really difficult to forecast. I would be expecting a wave (2) after that, a zigzag perhaps. If it indeed ends with a diagonal, the first stop after reversal would be 350, the origin of the diagonal. EW works.
Note that the latest chart has the unchanged initial graphics.

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