Long Term Forecast – Honeywell (HON)

The stock is within 4 points of the level of 3 fibs from the all time low. It means that it can reverse any time now. The main channel is well developed and all major wave tops are sitting on the parallel lines. Wave IV produced a throw-under that explains a throw-over for what looks like the last actionary wave, wave V, of the impulse from the all time low. The stock is expected to start its major correction, wave (II). While Elliot Waves can setup expectations for possible retrace – 0.236-0.786 ($164-49) for wave (II), it is impossible to forecast the duration and the shape of the upcoming correction. Possibly, it could last more than 2 years and shaped as a zigzag, but I need to see at least one complete wave of the correction before making further forecast.

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