Candles Speak – Possible Trend Change – 29.12.2020

During the previous weeks, the daily candles of major indices typically formed the combos that pointed towards different directions (some – up, some – down). Today all – SmallCap, DJI, SPX, and NDX – closed in harmony. In bearish harmony. Let’s have a look at each of them.1. SmallCap– cash: today’s red candle strongly confirmedContinue reading “Candles Speak – Possible Trend Change – 29.12.2020”


This week all major indices formed their weekly prints as if they were warning of the things to come. At this point I am hesitant to make any conclusions and would be looking for further confirmations next week when the next weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, and yearly prints are made. Let’s explore the warning from theContinue reading “DID THE WEEKLY CANDLES JUST SEND A MESSAGE?”

BITCOIN: WEEKLY – 27.12.2020

In the few previous updates I was expecting a top happening soon. Well, I believe that a major top will be printed this weekend. It looks like an inverted Hammer or a Gravestone Doji should be printed in several hours. If you examine the waves on a micro level, it is noticeable that the characterContinue reading “BITCOIN: WEEKLY – 27.12.2020”


Last week the gold futures closed with a very strong green candle that this week I was expecting a continuation and a breakthrough above the flag channel line. However, during the week, the price was strongly rejected at the upper boundary of the flag (that is coincidently the 100 MA) and instead of an expectedContinue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: WEEKLY 25.12.2020”

Bitcoin Update – Dec 21, 2020

Based on the action over the last several days, I believe that Bitcoin is consolidating before the final push to complete wave 3. If my timing projections are accurate, I would expect BTC to top in the area of 25000-25600 in the end of December – beginning of January. After the top I would beContinue reading “Bitcoin Update – Dec 21, 2020”

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