Geometry of Gold: Special Issue

Few hours ago my blue count, that expected a direct move down to complete wave 5 of C, was invalidated. GC moved 25 pips into the territory of wave 1 (Old Long Term Chart – Nov 30).
I view that GC can still complete that move down as a diagonal and I adjusted the blue count accordingly (Updated Long Term chart – Dec 3). My alternative red count has been updated to comply with the alternation guideline for the corrective waves and the projected wave (B) could take even longer. The current wave could be wave (a) of A of (B). 
I believe that the correction is not over. The corrections end with wave C that breaks into clear five waves (unless a triangle). This is not the case for the large wave down that ended last week. While I keep the green 4 on the chart, the odds for this count are very slim.

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