Candles Speak – Mid-Day Update – Major Indices

Today’s daily candles are quite interesting in the middle of the day and there is a chance they end up as the strong bearish reversal candles/combos. Let have a quick look:
1. DJ
If DJ futures and cash close below Friday’s low, they would produce the rather strong Bearish Engulfing and Inside-Out respectively, the strongest among the bearish reversal patterns.
SPX is on its way to produce a cleanest Bearish Harami – today’s trading range is entirely within the Open-Close of Friday. ES seems to be deciding what kind of bearish combo to produce.
3. SmallCap cash is probably thinking of a Harami either, but not as clean as SPX is.
4. NQ has not made any statement yet. The closing print would be the thing to watch.
90 minutes to go.

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