GDX: MONTHLY 31.01.2021

It’s been three months since I posted my original wave count and forecast for GDX. The chart above contains all graphic elements and targets that were in the original chart and I maintain that GDX is on its way for much lower price targets. January 29 was the last trading day of the month whenContinue reading “GDX: MONTHLY 31.01.2021”

GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 26.01.2021

In my previous Geometry write-up I mentioned that this week I would be moderately bearish on gold. So far, the stock follows the expectations and today I would like to focus more on the technical side and the moving averages in particular: 8 EMA – brown, 20 EMA – green, 50 MA – yellow, 100Continue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 26.01.2021”

GDX: Candles Speak 25.01.2021

A week ago I posted my long term forecast where I discussed a possible continued downtrend and the importance of the 33.25 level – After today’s closure I continue to maintain my view. The daily candle opened rather optimistically and even tried to touch the 20 EMA. However, it was brutally rejected at thatContinue reading “GDX: Candles Speak 25.01.2021”

BITCOIN: Candles Speak 25.01.2021

There was a phenomenal closure today for the bears. Daily:The daily candle formed a very convincing Gravestone doji. The candle formed after backtesting the 8/20 EMA cross and closed below 20 EMA, shifting the odds to the dark side. If the candle plays in a classic way, I would expect a move down of theContinue reading “BITCOIN: Candles Speak 25.01.2021”

GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 24.01.2021

As I outlined in my last week Geometry write-up, the stock moves during this week supported the hypothesis that the gold futures are consolidating before another wave down. Let’s have a look at the details. Monthly:The price continued to fluctuate within the flag’s channel. Even though it moved above the 8 EMA, I view thisContinue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 24.01.2021”

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