BITCOIN: WEEKLY 16.01.2021

This week action reinforced the idea that BTC topped on January 8. While there is always a possibility for the bullish trend to resume its march to the all time highs, I am viewing that the next several months the stock will be going through a complex correction. At this point I think of aContinue reading “BITCOIN: WEEKLY 16.01.2021”

Candles Speak – SP500 Futures: 11.01.2021

The candles on the larger timeframes hint that there is a possibility that a minor (or even a major) top was hit on Friday, January 8. If the candles and my wave counts are correct, I would be expecting a minus 1.5-2.5% drop tomorrow or in the next two days. If wave B completes aContinue reading “Candles Speak – SP500 Futures: 11.01.2021”

GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 10.01.2021

As I discussed in my previous two posts about gold, should the price break through the upper boundary of the flag channel and stay above, I would expect a nice ride to 2400 or even higher in the following months. The last week action seemed to confirm that the market has objected the move furtherContinue reading “GEOMETRY OF GOLD: 10.01.2021”


If you look at my previous post about Silver on December 12, 2020, you would notice how precisely the weekly candles helped to forecast the wave and the target for wave B – the black count on the weekly chart. The last several days developed some very strong candles on the daily and weekly chartsContinue reading “SILVER LINES: WEEKLY 10.01.2021”

BITCOIN: WEEKLY 10.01.2021

The last two days action and the candle patterns support the idea that BTC topped at 41616 on January 8. However, the composition of waves and the technical indicator hint that this top was likely the top of wave III and I would consider the Green count on the charts as my primary count untilContinue reading “BITCOIN: WEEKLY 10.01.2021”

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