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It has been a very interesting closure of the month today and the week yesterday. The weekly Bearish Engulfing is saying “go down”, but the monthly is kind of chiming in “not so fast”. Let’s explore the hypothesis from various angles: Monthly:The January and February candles show an elevated selling pressure at the ends of […]
In my previous several posts I mentioned that “The Monthly, Weekly and Daily candles are aligned in a way that if any of them are closed below the November low – 1767.20 – during the next week, a further, possibly a multi-month downtrend would be confirmed. The closure on Friday – the end of week […]
On the last trading day of February, Tesla printed the very bearish weekly and monthly candle combinations. The long- and mid-term odds are entirely bearish now. MonthlyFebruary produced a Bearish Engulfing, the strongest of the two-candle reversal combos. The combos comes with over 80% probability that the stock will experience the lower prices for at […]
I would like to provide a quick update on the weekly candle. Today BTC closed the week by a very strong Bearish Engulfing that closed below the previous week low. From the candles perspective, it means that there is over 80% probability that the coin will see the lower prices for at least 1 week. […]
US Indices
Monthly and Weekly Analysis The last 10 minutes of trading hours on Friday were so beautiful. Mr. Market seemed to send a message loud and clear that all major indices (SP500, DJI, Nasdaq and Russell) are heading for a reversal. All daily and weekly candles of all indices were happily setting for a continued bullish […]