Let me start this post with the reference to the yesterday’s one:
I am viewing the most probable scenario for tomorrow/this week as the following:
– While BTC can shortly bounce up to 51079.00, now the major resistance, I expect it continue downwards 28000-30000 as I identified before (blue arrow).

Today BTC advanced to 51043 and is now levitating at the level of yesterday’s close.
If it closes today about 49000, preferably 48000, I would be viewing the future as the following:
– based on the current wave structure, I would not be surprised if BTC makes another bounce to 51079 or, perhaps, a little higher and close the day around 48000-49000, similarly to today. If it does this tomorrow,
– the next few days/weeks BTC could fall to at least 39000, possibly to 28000-30000 area (blue arrow);
– there is still a chance of a bullish reversal with the target of 66000-67000, but the odds are rather slim.

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