TSLA: Monthly and Weekly: 02.04.2021

Several days ago I offered a projection for the mid term for TSLA. After the monthly and weekly closure it looks like everything stands.


As I expected, the monthly candle confirmed the Bearish Engulfing of February. However, the March candle is not considered very strong and there is a chance of higher prices, possibly at the beginning of April.
The 8 EMA line is providing support at approximately 600. If this support is broken down and if the RSI crosses down from the oversold territory forming a Head & Shoulders, I would be viewing these signs as a confirmation of the longer term downtrend.


The weekly candles are moving reliably below the 8 EMA line and are flirting with the 20 EMA. A strong closure below 20 EMA could form an 8/20 EMA cross, increasing the bearish odd for a multi-week decline.
The next support line on the weekly chart is at the level of 50 MA, currently 464.


In the middle of the week I almost believed in a reversal and continued rally. However, the closure on April 1 seemed to cancel the bullish hopes. The candle formed a bearish combo, and the candle was rejected at the 100 MA line and closed below the 20 EMA level. Not a bullish sign at all.


I view that the stock experiences a significant bearish pressure on the monthly and weekly time frames. If the daily candle closes below the 8 EMA line, it would increase the bearish odds on the daily time frame, aligning all time frames for a bearish ride.
However, if the stock rallies on Monday/Tuesday and closes above the April 1 candle, there would be a chance for a bigger rally. Though I consider this scenario of lower probability.

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