GOLD: Weekly: 11.04.2021

The gold spot continues to bounce between 1717 and 1760, the levels that I correctly identified two months ago.
Let’s have a closer look.

The weekly candle is kind of neutral. While it can be viewed as a Bullish Harami, at the same time it was clearly rejected at 1760, in important resistance level, and closed below the weekly 8 EMA line.
The previous 5 weeks closed within the 1717-1760 corridor and I view that the stock can continue the horizontal movement for the next several weeks, possibly until it hits the upper boundary of the downward channel.
Current odds: Neutral

The gold spot formed a Dark Cloud Cover on Friday. For confirmation, it needs to close below the Friday’s low.
Current odds: Moderately Bearish


  1. Horizontal development between 1717 and 1760 for multiple weeks.
  2. A weekly closure above 1760 – start of a bullish trend.
  3. A weekly closure below 1717 – continued downtrend.

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