I mentioned yesterday about possible confirmation today of the Tower Top combination and the Three Black Crows. Guess what – both are complete.
Both combination were finalized with a very strong bearish candle that closed just a tad below the daily 50 MA line.

Based on the candle structure, the coin is on its way to the much lower levels. After looking into the Elliott Wave structure, I am thinking of the two most probable scenarios:

  1. Green path. Wave A has completed. Wave B would be of a complex shape (flat?) that would end no earlier than on April 21, 9 pm, EST.
    Wave C could be even sharper than wave A.
    Possible current targets: 43000-30000.
  2. Purple path. Wave A has completed. Wave B is about to complete.
    Wave C might started any time overnight.
    Possible current targets: 43000-30000.

By the morning we should know what scenario BTC prefers.

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