Today BTC broke through the pre-defined level of 50000. Technically, the pullback could be considered done anytime from now. However, the candles say that BTC is likely just warming up and the southbound move would continue.

Tomorrow the weekly print will be made and it would be very critical for determining the path for the next week.


From previous forecasts: “Once wave B is complete, expect wave C with the preliminary targets 48000-43000.

After today’s move, I am expecting the coin to decline to exactly 48000-43000 in the next day or two.
I have slightly modified the counts on the micro waves and still think that once the wave C completes, this would possibly be just the first wave (A) of a much bigger and longer corrective action. However, there is a chance that the downfall continues right away. This week candle would be very important for this part of forecast.

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The most recent Long Term Forecast – April 18:

The first forecast of the upcoming correction – March 24:

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