#ETHEREUM $ETH : Monthly Analysis 31.05.2021

In May, $ETH formed a High-Wave Doji that most likely marked the top. At least one more month of lower prices is expected. Let’s explore the hypothesis in details on multiple time frames. MonthlyThe High-Wave Doji is supported by overbought RSI and MACD at All Time High. The only way from there is down. WeContinue reading “#ETHEREUM $ETH : Monthly Analysis 31.05.2021”

#BITCOIN $BTC Monthly Analysis 31.05.2021

$BTC closed May with a strong bearish combo below 8 EMA and lower prices are expected for at least one month. The first 2-3 weeks of June it could rally to 44-48k, before moving further down. This is a quick summary and let’s look into details. MonthlyThe May’s candle formed a Tower Top, a strongContinue reading “#BITCOIN $BTC Monthly Analysis 31.05.2021”

#BITCOIN $BTC Chances, Chances… 31.05.2021

Candles perspective – monthly: if today $BTC closes below 45008, it will form a Tower Top, one of the strongest bearish reversal combos. If it closes below 8 EMA line (~38200) , the bearish odds will be even higher. The RSI and MACD and a few other indicators seem to be very bearish so far.Continue reading “#BITCOIN $BTC Chances, Chances… 31.05.2021”

#ETHEREUM $ETH Another Wave Down? 30.05.2021

$ETH daily is flirting with 100 MA under serious pressure of Monthly and Daily candles. If ETH closes tomorrow around 2300 or lower, it would print a strong bearish monthly candle, typically followed by a multi-month bear market. On May 16 I did “expect a min retrace of 23-38% (3350-2700). Probability of a deeper oneContinue reading “#ETHEREUM $ETH Another Wave Down? 30.05.2021”

#BITCOIN $BTC Bearish Pressure 30.05.2021

$BTC has higher chances to continue down. It needs to at least close above the daily 8 EMA line to show some bullishness. So far, volume on the red days is higher than on the green ones. Tomorrow is the monthly closure of critical importance. Musings:On the last day of the month, $BTC could sharplyContinue reading “#BITCOIN $BTC Bearish Pressure 30.05.2021”

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