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$BTC closed strongly bullish for two days in a row. Expect a rally to at least 48-51k, the next inflection area, and let’s explore this hypothesis from different angles.

The June’s candle continues to be under a strong bearish pressure from the Tower Top combo in May. We might see another week of bullish action until it reverses closer to the end of month.
Odds: BearishNeutral

If this week closes above 41000, the mid-term bottom would be confirmed. So far, a very strong bullish action on the daily. The indicators are slowly improving.
Odds: Neutral-Bullish

A very strong bullish action over the last two days. Price strongly above 20 EMA line and the 8/20 EMA cross completed a few hours ago. A closure above 200 MA would reinforce the bullish odds.
Odds: Strong Bullish

Elliott Waves

The minor waves suggest that a 48000-51000 area is an inflection point where BTC could get a strong rejection.
If rejected there – expect the (A-B-C) structure in blue counts.
If moved through – expect a strong wave V in green. More details in the very long term forecast at the beginning of this post.

The Long Term Forecast posted on Jun 9 stands. The link below.

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