#SPX #DOW #NQ = Bearish, Really??? = 20.07.2021 #NQ $SPY #QQQ #US30 #ES_F #NQ_F #NDX

Unless I am deeply mistaken, today $SPX made a bearish Tasuki Downside Gap. DJI just failed to close the gap and NDX is somewhere in between. Let’s try to interpret the message from candles.

Formed a classical Tasuki Gap. The window/gap was closed, but not violated (it would be if SPX closed above Friday’s close). Note that SPX also closed just below 8 EMA.
Odds: bearish.
Aggressive trade – short, stop loss: Friday’s close.
Moderate trade – wait until a daily candle closes below Monday’s low then short.

Did not close a gap, rejected at 8 EMA.
Odds: bearish.

Possible combo – a Morning Star. However, it did not close high enough to confirm the formation. Also closed a tad below 8 EMA.
Odds: bearish.

The odds are bearish with different probabilities for all indices. A higher chance to see a decline tomorrow than a rally.
A green day tomorrow would likely confirm the rally and cancel bearish odds.

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