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Silver is set to hit at least one lower low. The questions are when and how deep. The metal closed August rather bearish from the candles perspective. Let’s test the hypothesis from different angles. CANDLES Monthly Silver has been under bearish pressure since a very strong Bearish Engulfing in September 2020. For a year, the […]
$DXY is likely to continue horizontally in September and could sharply advance in October. Let’s have a look at some signals. CANDLES SPEAK MonthlyIn August $DXY formed a bullish candle that is likely part of a bigger bullish continuation combo. If the index follows the classical steps (and I have a few reasons to believe […]
US Indices
After a strong bullish closure of last week, major US indices closed August with strong bullish candles/combos. While the daily candles expect some bearishness short-term, September is expected green. Let’s have look into details. The upper row – daily candles, the bottom row – monthly. CANDLES SPEAK RUTThe candle in August did not fully canceled […]
$TSLA closed in August with a strong bullish candle. No changes to the long term views since the previous forecast. $TSLA is likely in the middle of a long and strong multi-year rally. Next target – $1100 in Q1, 2022. More long term targets on the chart and below. The chart is designed using the […]
Crypto Trade Signal
This is the weekly chart that I designed at the end of March and BTC followed it perfectly so far. While August (as forecasted) was a very bullish month and BTC moved to the small blue rectangle on the chart, September would be a decision month. There are multiple bullish signs, but… but… but… there […]