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Today major US indices issued a strong bearish alert. While not everything 100% confirmed, the odds are on the dark side. Let’s have look into the candles details.

The upper row – futures, the bottom row – cash indices.


RUT formed a standard bearish continuation candle. Expect a decline tomorrow.
If $2100 does not hold in this pullback, the next stop would be $1850, worst case – $1600.

The cash index formed a Bearish Kicking combo, albeit a very weak one. The futures is likely to form an Inside Down. So far, no technical support broken and there is a chance of another high before a reversal.

The cash index made an undecisive doji that could flip in any direction. The futures formed a strong Engulfing. The odds are bearish and I expect a red day tomorrow.

Both cash and futures formed an Insider Down combo, a strong bearish reversal one. DJI is expected to follow down with high probability.

Tomorrow should be a crucial day for confirming a short-term market direction. A mid-term direction should be clear on Friday.

Today I exited the swing trade on SPX that started on July 23:

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