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I got a sell signal for the swing trade on $SPX initiated on July 23.

Details below.

Post from July 23: “Today my indicators generated a buy alert for $SPX. Targets – SPX – $4500, DJI – $36000.

This is a swing alert for 1-3+ weeks. It is experimental and I am going to test it for several cycles. It is also supported by a sell alert for $VIX, generated at the same time.

These are the best estimated targets I can offer based on my work I shared previously and reposting again.

SPX (daily, charted on September 28, 2020, unchanged since).

SPY (monthly, two channels, Jul 7, 2021)

DJI (flag, Jul 2, 2021)

The post on July 23:

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6 thoughts on “#SPX #DOW #NQ = Sell Signal = 17.08.2021 #NQ $SPY #QQQ #US30 #ES_F #NQ_F #NDX #VIX #Investing #Trading #ElliottWave

  1. It looks like the pullback is long due on WTI chart.
    If it closes in August below 65.21, expect at least one month of lower prices, possibly a multi-month decline.

  2. Thanks. It does rhyme with your SPX pullback and DXY rally. Interesting to see you expect cryptos to continue perform. Fantastic charting btw!

  3. Thanks! There will be more for a very humble subscription fee.
    Cryptos might flip to the Alt scenario. No confirmation yet.

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