#SPX #DOW #NQ #RUT = Candles Speak – Big Bear Alert = 18.08.2021 #NQ $SPY #QQQ #US30 #ES_F #RTY_F #NQ_F

Yesterday’s candle alert perfectly materialized today. If indices do not recover by EOW, the strong bearish weekly candles could reverse the mid-term trend down. Let’s have look into the candles details.

The upper row – daily cash indices, the bottom row – current weekly candles of cash indices.


RUT formed a standard bearish continuation candle. Expect a decline tomorrow.
If $2100 does not hold in this pullback and this week closes below, the next stop would be $1850, worst case – $1600.

SPX confirmed the Bearish Kicking, formed a strong continuation candle. The weekly would form a strong Inside Down if closes at this level or lower.

The daily candle points down. If NDX closes on Friday below $14180, expect a multi-week/month corrective action.

The daily candle is strong bearish. The weekly is on track to form an Inside Down combo.

If all indices do not suddenly recover by Friday, they will all form various bearish candles/combos with the perspective of a multi-week/month decline.
There is still little hope.

The sell signal yesterday was correct!

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