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After five days of rest $BTC formed a Morning Star. Expect a continued rally tomorrow. Let’s discuss the targets and the timeline of the possible next move.


$BTC rested for five days, formed a doji, and confirmed that this was a Morning Star doji. The confirmation came on a high level and the price above the 200d MA. There bullish odds are quite high right now.
Note that all these 5 days I viewed the pullback as corrective and was expecting the rally to resume.
Thanks to lower frame candles, yesterday I called the bottom within minutes after its formation, at $44250:

Tomorrow BTC is expected to continue the rally.
Odds: Neutral-Bullish

In the next section I discuss the small adjustments to the mid-term targets and to the timing, the alternative path, the channel breakout, and the warning sign.
There is also an interpretation of the daily closure for $ETH, $ADA, $BNB, and $LTC, and their comparison to $BTC.

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  1. Hi Viet,
    Perhaps a little lower, I can see 3.8k in a week or so. I’ll try to post an update later tonight.

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