$TSLA = Long Term Forecast = 23.08.2021 #TSLA #investing #trading

Nothing changed since the previous forecast. $TSLA is likely in the middle of a long and strong multi-year rally. Next target – $1100 in Q1, 2022. More long term targets on the chart and below.

The chart is designed using the Elliott Waves, Candles, and TA.

Long Term TARGETS:

  1. Q1, 2022 – $1100, +62% off the baseline.
  2. Q1, 2023 – $1700, +150%
  3. Q2, 2024 – $2000, +195%
  4. Q4, 2024 – Q2, 2025, $2500, +270%.

After wave V, expect a sizeable correction, at least 23%. The actual length and the depths cannot be determined now.

The chart will be updated regularly (monthly, quarterly).

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