$Crypto = Possible Major Reversal = 24.08.2021 $BNB $ADA $LTC $ETH #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC

Strong daily bearish candles today signal a possible major reversal.

$LTC – the worst with Bearish Engulfing / Tower Top.

#ETH – Bearish Engulfing

$LTC & $ETH – possible Double Top formation over 2+ weeks

$ADA & BNB – Dark Cloud Cover

$BTC – Bearish Engulfing, on track for a possible Tower Top tomorrow.
The subscribers have been receiving advanced warnings about $BTC for a few days. Yesterday was indeed a Spinning Top.
Watch for the Daily Analysis on $BTC later today.

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3 thoughts on “$Crypto = Possible Major Reversal = 24.08.2021 $BNB $ADA $LTC $ETH #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC

  1. Dear Investing angles,
    Has the chart this morning changed any possible views here on eth or bnb ? Thank you kindly….

  2. Hello,
    I just posted a mid-day update on ETH. The daily perspective is bearish, but requires confirmation. The monthly/weekly look healthy for now.
    Let’s see how the day closes and the week unfolds.

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