$Crypto = On The Fence = 25.08.2021 $BNB $ADA $LTC $ETH #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC

Today major cryptos neither rejected nor confirmed the bearish statement of yesterday. The bearish odds prevail. The interpretation below.

$LTC – after the bearish Engulfing/Tower Top is likely taking a pause (1-3) days. Today’s candle is not bullish.

#ETH – very similar to $LTC.

$LTC & $ETH – possible Double Top formation over 2+ weeks

$ADA – today’s candle neither confirmed nor rejected the Dark Cloud Cover. Bearish odds.

BNB – today’s candle was not high enough to cancel the Dark Cloud Cover (lacked 50 pips!). Possible bearish Stick Sandwich. The candle tomorrow would tell the story.

As you can see, a mixed combo with bearish flavor. The next few days should help to setup a direction.

$BTC – Daily Analysis will be posted shortly.

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