$Crypto = Bearish = 26.08.2021 $BNB $ADA $LTC $ETH $MATIC #cryptocurrency #BTC $BTC

Today the cryptos mostly confirmed their bearish intents. The bearish odds prevail. The interpretation below.

$LTC, $BTC, $ADA and $MATIC – all made similar bearish combos by closing below the green candles of yesterday. Expect lower prices tomorrow.

$BNB – yesterday it failed to cancel the Dark Cloud Cover and today it formed one more. Odds are bearish, but a confirmation required.

$ETH failed to close below the lower wick of green candle, but the candle is strong enough to expect bearish continuation tomorrow.

Forecast: bearish expectations across the class. If the next two days are red, the weekly candle formations could flip bearish.

$BTC – Daily Analysis will be posted shortly.

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