1000! 12.09.2021

Dear Subscribers and Followers! Today we reached a significant milestone – 1000 Followers on Twitter – and I would like to thank you all for your tremendous support and trust!

It is also a great honor to have such influential members of the community as @HenrikZeberg @PikesPeakTrades @petersinguili and many others among the listeners to our opinion.

The last week was very eventful and we are glad we were able to guide our community through the waves of the market. Among the most notable calls (links below):

  • Sell Signal on SPX on September 2 followed by a series of alerts.
  • Call on top for $BTC on September 6, within minutes after the event.
  • Reversal Alert on $DXY on September 3.
  • Bear Alert on $DJI on September 7.

Thank you all for trusting our service!

One thought on “1000! 12.09.2021

  1. There are also us, who don’t use Twitter but follow stuff via other means.. with apps to collect tweets/toots and even via a RSS reader 🙂
    I’ve been reading for quite a while, but lack means (low income and no free cash) to trade crypto or stocks at the moment, but this is enlightening and amazing to read as a sideliner, too.

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