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The members on Sep 18 received this chart (now and yesterday) with an alert that the diagonal might truncate.
These were the exact words:
I believe that $BTC is very close to its significant top. Exercise caution. If the diagonal is truncated (fails to make a higher high), the decline will be dramatic. Targets for the decline:

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Previous Monthly Analysis:

#Bitcoin = Monthly Analysis = 31.08.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading

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This is the condensed Track Record of our most recent #crypto calls:

  1. $BTC – March 24 – call for imminent reversal, target $29000!
    This happened when $BTC was $52k and approaching the top, when the experts were calling for $100k and $150k next.
  2. $ETH – May 16 – call for strong decline, target $1700!
    This happened at the beginning of the decline when $ETH ws $3600 and everyone was saying it was a minor blip.
  3. $BTC, $ETH, $ADA, $LTC – July 21 – call on Bottom
    This happened on the day the cryptos formed a strong reversal combo and started rallying.
  4. $BTC – July 24 – call on the 10 consecutive green days
    This happened on the 4th day of the rally once we recognized a special pattern.
  5. $BTC – Aug 18 – call on Bottom
    This happened within minutes after the bottom, at 9:45 pm PST, when $BTC was $44250. It has rallied 10+% after the call.
  6. $BTC – Sep 6 – call on Top
    Within minutes after the top, at 10 pm PST, when $BTC was $52.5k. The next 10 hours it dropped to $42.1k, or 20%.


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