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This is how the reversals are forecasted. The first chart was made two days ago and the second one now. @InvestingAngles could help you to ride the “unpredictable” waves of Market. And not only the #crypto.

If your current provider happened to miss the turn, we are happy to invite you to our club.

The members on Sep 18 received the chart above with an alert that the diagonal might truncate.
These were the exact words:
I believe that $BTC is very close to its significant top. Exercise caution. If the diagonal is truncated (fails to make a higher high), the decline will be dramatic. Targets for the decline:

This call definitely goes to the Track Record.

This is the condensed Track Record of our most recent #crypto calls:

  1. $BTC – March 24 – call for imminent reversal, target $29000!
    This happened when $BTC was $52k and approaching the top, when the experts were calling for $100k and $150k next.
  2. $ETH – May 16 – call for strong decline, target $1700!
    This happened at the beginning of the decline when $ETH ws $3600 and everyone was saying it was a minor blip.
  3. $BTC, $ETH, $ADA, $LTC – July 21 – call on Bottom
    This happened on the day the cryptos formed a strong reversal combo and started rallying.
  4. $BTC – July 24 – call on the 10 consecutive green days
    This happened on the 4th day of the rally once we recognized a special pattern.
  5. $BTC – Aug 18 – call on Bottom
    This happened within minutes after the bottom, at 9:45 pm PST, when $BTC was $44250. It has rallied 10+% after the call.
  6. $BTC – Sep 6 – call on Top
    Within minutes after the top, at 10 pm PST, when $BTC was $52.5k. The next 10 hours it dropped to $42.1k, or 20%.
  7. $BTC – Sep 18 – predicted a strong reversal down two days in advance.
    $BTC dropped from $48.8 to $43.4, or 11%, in a matter of hours.


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