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I think I finally deciphered the SPX and I am 99% confident at this point. The most recent wave perfectly (I mean PERFECTLY) fits 7 postulates or master Elliott and the next short move/target is very clear. Today’s action is just another confirmation of our initial hypothesis that led to precise forecasting of all recent moves since calling the big top on September 7.

Below are the short and long term forecasts for SPX. If you would like to continue reading, please subscribe for Premium Content.

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11 thoughts on “#SPX = Short and Long Term Forecast = 20.09.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading

  1. Red is the primary for now.
    Purple is the alt.
    There are pros and cons for purple. On one side, it is perfect from the Fibs perspective. On the other, it seems too compressed in time.
    But timing is always a moot point, even Elliott admitted it.

  2. THanks. Both red and purple calls for a drop deeper than 2008 and 2020, and how can oil survive its red II. And your bullish counts on BABA MSFT AAPL FB?
    And does it not seem unlikely BTC will print a new high at 80K with SPX red count?

  3. I mean you’re calling a bigger drop in SPX than 2008 and Mar2020. But you also have oil at red II around mid 50s as target pullback(and then resume bullish run), bullish counts on BABA MSFT AAPL FB currently

    And you also have a bullish count on BTC to print 80k after this current dip to sub 36K area. Mar2020 drop in SPX took BTC much much further south % wise.

    How can all these counts in other markets align with this big drop in SPX?

  4. I analyze each chart on it’s own and share what I see. I already mentioned that MSFT and other are likely to be adjusted after September candles are known.

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