#SPX = Daily Analysis – Nothing Unexpected = 21.09.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading $DJIA $NDX

Today SPX threaded the wave precisely as outlined in yesterday’s chart and there are signs that the index will continue as forecasted.

These charts above were shared with subscribers of @InvestingAngles on September 9 and on September 18. The last one was printed on Sep 20. I hope the projection worked well for the subscribers to the service.

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5 thoughts on “#SPX = Daily Analysis – Nothing Unexpected = 21.09.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading $DJIA $NDX

  1. Hi, the charts are still blurry when zoomed in. The figures on the axes are not clear. I can’t tell what numbers those lines/boxes are at. The same applies to the charts you put up on Twitter. Any way you could fix this, please? Thanks.

  2. I am using the highest possible res for the charts.
    Can you please take a screenshot and send to my email and describe the details. I’ll address it with WP support.

  3. Hi, I can’t access premium content. Not sure how so when I am a subscriber and renewal of payment had also been made.

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