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Crypto Trade Signal
$ETH has not looked well since yesterday and it seems to be getting worse. I hope my counts are wrong. Previous Analysis: This is the condensed Track Record of our most recent #crypto calls: $BTC – March 24 – call for imminent reversal, target $29000!This happened when $BTC was $52k and approaching the top, when […]
Dear Subscribers, Followers, and Readers, Exactly a year ago, after multiple years of extensive studies of Japanese Candlesticks, Elliott Waves and Technical Analysis, I registered the domain and started a blog. The blog about the mid- and long-term forecasts for the coins, indices, commodities, and some prominent stocks.
BTC from candles perspective: monthly/weekly/daily = bullish/neutral/bearish. Though, there are a number of caveats which is better to be aware of. Let’s try to decipher the messages from the candles and talk about a forecast for November. If you would like to continue reading, please subscribe for Premium Content. REFERENCES: Previous Monthly Analysis: Follow the […]
US Indices
SPX, NDX and DJIA produced very impressive bullish candles also known as bullish Engulfing. Their closure above September’s high fully canceled the bearish Engulfing in the previous month. If you would like to continue reading about weekly and daily candles and the EW projection for the next month, please subscribe. Follow the blog in Twitter […]
$FB looks like expecting the lower prices in November. The monthly candle in October had a chance to make something bullish, but it did not. The monstrous quarterly Hammer fully outside of BB knew that something, such as rebranding, was going to happen. Let’s explore. CANDLES QuarterlyThe quarterly candle formation was very bearish. A bearish […]