$AAPL = Market Pulse – Candles View = 06.10.2021 $XOM $AMZN $MSFT $GOOGL $FB $NVDA $GS

What candles have to say about tomorrow for the major market players? Everyone closed today with a green candle. Are they really bullish? As a standalone – perhaps, but in context – not so much. Let’s have a look.

$AAPL $AMZN and $FB are like brothers: the second failed attempt to start a rally. Let’s see if they can close above that damn red candle tomorrow.

$GS, $GOOGL and $NVDA – a bit better, but not on this volume. Let’s see if they can climb above the 20 EMA. Something tells they will not. Watching.

$XOM – difficult to find a more bearish pattern than the bearish Island. Not much else to say.

$MSFT – probably in the best position, might actually confirm a rally if volume cooperates. Somebody needs to remain bullish after all.

I truly hope that candles are mistaken.

Speaking about Dow Jones Industrial Average? Well, a standing Alert below.


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