$GAZP = Possible Major Reversal = 06.10.2021 = $NatGas #commodities #energy #gazprom

After today’s monstrous bearish Engulfing in NatGas, I was curious about the candles for the major gas players and decided to take a look at Gazprom. A very interesting picture I must say.


The daily candle is a brutal Dark Cloud Cover that is well supported by indicators. If tomorrow (Oct 7), $GAZP falls further and closes below $370-377, it will confirm the reversal and, most likely, will form a very bearish weekly candle on Friday.
If this weekly event happens, the stock could start a very sizeable correction/wave down.

I will assess it on the weekend and, if the reversal confirms, post a long term forecast for subscribers.

NatGas Alert:

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