#Bitcoin = Major Top? = 11.10.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading

$BTC could possibly hit a major top. Confirmation – today’s closure below $56,561.00 (BITSTAMP).

Tweeted within minutes after the possible top.

The details were discussed in the weekly analysis:

Previous Weekly Analysis:

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This is the condensed Track Record of our most recent #crypto calls:

  1. $BTC – March 24 – call for imminent reversal, target $29000!
    This happened when $BTC was $52k and approaching the top, when the experts were calling for $100k and $150k next.
  2. $ETH – May 16 – call for strong decline, target $1700!
    This happened at the beginning of the decline when $ETH ws $3600 and everyone was saying it was a minor blip.
  3. $BTC, $ETH, $ADA, $LTC – July 21 – call on Bottom
    This happened on the day the cryptos formed a strong reversal combo and started rallying.
  4. $BTC – July 24 – call on the 10 consecutive green days
    This happened on the 4th day of the rally once we recognized a special pattern.
  5. $BTC – Aug 18 – call on Bottom
    This happened within minutes after the bottom, at 9:45 pm PST, when $BTC was $44250. It has rallied 10+% after the call.
  6. $BTC – Sep 6 – call on Top
    Within minutes after the top, at 10 pm PST, when $BTC was $52.5k. The next 10 hours it dropped to $42.1k, or 20%.
  7. $BTC – Sep 18 – predicted a strong reversal down two days in advance.
    $BTC dropped from $48.8 to $43.4, or 11%, in a matter of hours.
  8. $ETH – Sep 19 – forecasted a sizeable drop. In the next several days, $ETH fell 627 points or 19%.


7 thoughts on “#Bitcoin = Major Top? = 11.10.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading

  1. The posts for BTC have been consistently bearish despite resuming an uptrend off the 20W SMA. Very interesting analyses

  2. I assume Bitcoin trades 24/7 on Bitstamp . At what time does the new trading day open for $BTC on Bitsamp?

  3. Yes, this is correct. I’m seeing some early divergence on several indicators and it makes me think that the top is near. While BTC can continue on for a while into the overbought territory, it is expected to reverse soon. How deep? This is an open question for now.

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