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This SPX chart was shared with the subscribers yesterday, and this is how it looks today. From yesterday’s forecast: “Target for the next 1-2 days: $4540-4550.” Apparently, candles are good for forecasting.

Today SPX closed below $4568 and generated a sell signal. This information was shared before the end of the day with subscribers.

Yesterday’s candles were right about today.

SPX and DJIA closed with strong bearish reversal formations.

DJIA – strong bearish Engulfing. No confirmation needed. High bearish odds. Expect lower prices in the coming days.
SPX – confirmed a reversal on the Spinning Top. High bearish odds. Expect lower prices.
NDX – a Hammer within a Spinning Top. Most likely bearish, but requires a confirmation.

VIX closed today with a very strong bullish reversal confirmation. The details were posted earlier today.

The mid term SPX chart remains intact. The red vs blue counts. If SPX breaks below $4500-4460 (rectangle and the channel line), the blue count is likely in place. Until then, the red is primary.

The chart below is the operative count/targets for tomorrow.

The next two days will be critical for forming the weekly and monthly candles. At this point, the chances of bearish and bullish formations are almost equal. Tune up for the monthly reports on the weekend. They will be for the subscribers only.

Good luck!

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