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$BTC confirmed a significant top on the daily frame, almost did so on the 2-day frame and is on track for the same on the 3-day frame. If this move down continues, the weekly candle would be epic.

The top that I identified within hours after it happened on November 10 is becoming a major one. It should not be a surprise for the subscribers who were warned over the last several weeks about the possibility of the major reversal at $68k level and the significance of such event.

Today’s analysis focuses on candles, TA and Elliott Waves.


The daily candle today is a strong bearish continuation candle that is well supported by multiple indicators. The bearish PSAR, the RSI below 50, the bearish 8/20 cross that is about to happen – these and a few others expect that the move down continues.
Odds: Bearish

If $BTC closed the week today, the weekly candle would look like this. If no strong rally happens between now and Sunday night, the much lower prices would be almost guaranteed.

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