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This chart was shared with the subscribers two days ago along with this message:
BTC seems to be charting a close to ideal motive wave 3 or C. Based on the Fib levels and on the projected pennant, the next target area – $55-56.5k. Based on the channel, it could be hit in the next 12-24 hours.
After that, expect a corrective wave 4 that could take 2-3 days to fully develop. Possible shapes – a flat or a triangle. Target for wave 4 – $59-61. If it goes higher than $61, it could mean a rally. But we would know earlier, based on the character of the wave.

At this point, I cannot rule out a possible extension of wave 3, it could go lower another $5-7k without retracing in wave 4. It is of lower probability now as BTC becomes very oversold on the smaller frames”.


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