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As expected, $BTC took a pause today, printing a bearish continuation combo called “Thrusting Line”.
From yesterday’s forecast: “As it moved too fast and a bit too far, expect a pause for 1-2 days, most likely a horizontal or a slightly upward movement.”

Let’s have a look at the coin from various angles.

Today’s combo is a Thrusting Line. The green candle moved into the body of the red candle, however it stopped below the mid point of the red body. Worse, it did not even challenge the upper part. The buying volume is low and the price is well below the 8 EMA line. There are also a few other supporting indicators.
I would like to highlight it again: be aware of numerous calls for bottom – they will likely be false at this point. The first bullish sign would be if a daily candle closes above at least $59k. I emphasized “closes” as the price could jump higher during the day, but the closing price is what matters the most.
The most probable scenario – a continued horizontal or slightly upward movement.
Odds: Neutral

Let’s discuss the waves projections and next targets.

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