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The candles are signaling a possible rally tomorrow in major indices. Let’s evaluate the candlespeak and the waves perspectives.


SPX formed an inverse Hammer. If confirmed tomorrow, a longer rally would be in the cards. The price is back above 8 EMA. The majority of indicators on the daily and hourly frames are rather neutral. Waiting for a move tomorrow.
Odds: Neutral

NDX made a candle that could be viewed as either a Hammer or a bearish continuation. There are reasons the support either way and a confirmation tomorrow should signal the decision.
Remember that the weekly odds are still bullish and they need to be overturned.
Odds: Neutral

DJIA After a red Harami combo yesterday, the index formed a strong green Harami. The odds are bullish, but the path require a confirmation. A daily closure above $35930 would do the trick.
Odds: Neutral-Bullish

Based on the recent developments in the waves, I have updated the SPX and DJIA short/mid term forecasts with targets and timing.

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