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$BTC turns bearish very slowly. Every day registers some bearish event. For example, today the coin for the first time moved below the level of 20% loss, but recovered. For now…. The candles do not seem to suggest any planned reversal yet. As usual, let’s have a look from different angles.

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This daily overview contains:
– daily candle charts – analysis of candles and technical events;
– detailed hourly EW chart and a short term projection;
– classical patterns;
– forecast for this week – targets and timing.


Today’s red candle canceled any hopes the bulls might have after yesterday’s advance. The candle was not even able to challenge the 8 EMA line. This and a few other indicators point towards a continued move down.
Following the classical rules, BTC could consolidate for another day or two before making a move lower.
Odds: Neutral

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