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If $ETH closed the week on Sunday at this level ($4494 as I type), it would make the first solid step to resume the rally towards $5k or even $6k. All it needs is to survive the next three days.

Let’s have a look at the coin from different angles.

This daily overview contains:
– daily candle chart – analysis of candles and technical events;
– detailed hourly EW chart and a short term projection;
– forecast for this week.


Today ETH printed Maribozu, a bullish continuation candle. It closed above 8 EMA and flipped PSAR bullish along the way.
The majority of indicators are neutral.
If ETH closes tomorrow higher than ~$4370, it will keep the bullish odds higher. If below, the odds would flip back to the bearish side.
Odds: Neutral


The move today invalidated the motive count down, and this is the updated chart where I track 3 scenarios.

  1. Red (primary).
    ETH completed waves 1 and 2 and expected to move lower. If it makes a new low, a new target can be projected.
  2. Green.
    The correction could be longer and more complex. Waves A and B have possibly completed.
  3. Blue.
    The correction ended on Nov 18 and ETH is in wave iii, possibly towards a new ATH.

In the next several days before the weekly closure ETH is expected to confirm the direction and provide initial data for forecasting the targets.

Good luck!

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