#Bitcoin = Daily Analysis = 01.11.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading

BTC has a very interesting set of candles over the last 4 days. Together with the weekly, there is definitely something going on. Let’s try to decipher them. If you would like to continue reading, please subscribe for Premium Content. REFERENCES: Previous Monthly Analysis: Follow the blog on Twitter @InvestingAngles or, if you want allContinue reading “#Bitcoin = Daily Analysis = 01.11.2021 $BTC #BTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #investing #trading”

#SPX = Daily Update = 01.11.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading #ES_F #DowJones $NDX

SPX/ES look like lacking just one more wave to fully complete the ending diagonals for their structures. If we see a strong reversal after a higher high tomorrow, this would be it. From the candles perspective, all three indices formed variations of a Deliberation pattern which typically leads to a minor pullback. However, in someContinue reading “#SPX = Daily Update = 01.11.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading #ES_F #DowJones $NDX”

$TSLA = 3 Weekly Gaps = 01.11.2021 #TSLA #investing #trading

When a stock makes 3 gaps in 3 days, a reversal is usually strong. I am not sure I have seen 3 weekly gaps in a row previously, but I think that something dramatic is about to happen to $TSLA. This chart was posted at the beginning of July and is still intact. $TSLA isContinue reading “$TSLA = 3 Weekly Gaps = 01.11.2021 #TSLA #investing #trading”

$MSFT = Harami = 01.11.2021

I don’t recall last time I saw such a clean bearish Harami as $MSFT formed today. To cancel, $MSFT needs to close at a new high tomorrow. If it closes tomorrow below Friday’s low, buckle up, especially if RSI drops below 70 at the same time.Could be a false alarm though, the bullish odds areContinue reading “$MSFT = Harami = 01.11.2021”

#SPX = Possible Double Diagonal = 01.11.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading #ES_F #DowJones $NDX

SPX could have completed a double ending diagonal for wave c of (b). If it is indeed a diagonal, Ralph Nelson Elliott is very clear on what happens next. We should have some idea by the end of trading day. Tune up for the daily update later today. Follow the blog in Twitter @InvestingAngles orContinue reading “#SPX = Possible Double Diagonal = 01.11.2021 $SPY #investing $SPX #trading #ES_F #DowJones $NDX”

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