#ETH = Yearly Review = 31.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto #ElliottWave

Today we have a rare opportunity to evaluate all long term candles and draw the perspectives for ETH. ETH closed today below $3915 and formed a bearish Engulfing on the monthly frame. Let’s evaluate this event in the context of other frames and from the perspectives of technical indicators and Elliott Waves. This Yearly ReviewContinue reading “#ETH = Yearly Review = 31.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto #ElliottWave”

#ETH = Monthly Bearish Engulfing = 31.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto #candlestick

ETH closes December with a monthly bearish Engulfing. A similar combo happened two times before, followed by a multi-month average decline of 65%. Will this time be different? Perhaps it will – the supporting indicators are stronger this time. For a reference – 65% off the top will be $1700. From yesterday’s analysis: “If ETHContinue reading “#ETH = Monthly Bearish Engulfing = 31.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto #candlestick”

$VIX #VIX = Yearly Review = 31.12.2021 $vxx #trading #candlestick

This yearly review continues the series of long term Forecasts for 2022 that @InvestingAngles provides for the followers and subscribers. This VIX Yearly Review contains an interpretation of the quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily candles and patterns that index completed today. Previously posted: The following section is available for the subscribers only. A $10 USDContinue reading “$VIX #VIX = Yearly Review = 31.12.2021 $vxx #trading #candlestick”

#SPX = Road Map – Update = 31.12.2021 $SPY #SP500 #ES_F #fintwit #ElliottWave

That was quite a ride that is not over yet. $SPX is on track. Target – $4850-4950. Follow @InvestingAngles if you want to know what’s next. We offer the mid and long term forecasts for major indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities and large cap stocks. Recent Forecasts: A $10 USD monthly subscription gets you accessContinue reading “#SPX = Road Map – Update = 31.12.2021 $SPY #SP500 #ES_F #fintwit #ElliottWave”

$ASX200 = Long Term Forecast – 2022 = 30.12.2021 $ASX #ASX

This ASX study opens a series of Yearly Forecasts for major world indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, and other influential stocks. I am wishing all my readers and subscribers a very prosperous and profitable New Year! I hope everyone benefits greatly from ASX in 2022. The study covers the perspectives of candlesticks and Elliott Waves. CANDLES YearlyASXContinue reading “$ASX200 = Long Term Forecast – 2022 = 30.12.2021 $ASX #ASX”

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