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Last week DJIA made a significant bottom that allows us to forecast the next measured moves. Let’s play the stock geometry for educational purposes.

  1. DJIA bounced off the base of a multi-month rectangular pattern.
  2. The upper line of the rectangle would be around $37k, or plus 3.5%. As I type – $DJIA – $35.7k.
  3. $37k would also be the target if measured by the flag completed last week.
  4. Assumption. As DJIA has already tested the upper boundary of rectangle three times, there is a good chance that it breaks through at the fourth attempt.
  5. If it happens, the next leg upwards can be measured by the height of the rectangle. The target would be approximately $40k, or 12.4% to add to the today’s price.
  6. Timing for $37k – end of December – January.
  7. Timing for $40k – March-April.

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Good Luck!

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