#ETH = Bearish Flag – Update = 15.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto

#ETH looks ready to break the flag pattern. If it happens, expect a loss of 8-13% of its current value in a short period. Target: $3500-3400.

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4 thoughts on “#ETH = Bearish Flag – Update = 15.12.2021 $ETH #Ethereum #fintwit #crypto

  1. Yes, this particular one was invalidated.
    The larger trend still points down, but there is a chance of reversal. I need to see the closing print today to provide further forecast.

  2. Any idea on the potential top of this rally? I need to mitigate the bag of sorts i still hold :/

  3. I can see that it’s greatly overbought on smaller frames, perhaps a pullback is coming. The question is how will it close today. There are still 4 hours.
    I’ll try to post a daily update as soon as possible after the close.

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