$DXY = Weekly Analysis + Long Term Forecast = 18.12.2021 #DXY #DollarIndex #USD #Investing

$DXY has been moving within a range for four weeks and after three doji candles it made a large green one. Is this a signal for moving higher or it was the last push before starting a long decline? Is it bullish or bearish? Let’s have a look from the candles and #ElliottWaves perspectives. So far, our forecasts were very accurate with regard to the targets and wave behavior.

This weekly overview contains:
– daily and weekly candle charts and analysis;
– weekly EW chart and mid-term projection;
– monthly EW chart and long-term perspectives;
– forecast for the next 2-4 weeks.

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This analysis is part of the series of Weekly Analyses that our service provides on:
$gold $silver $GDX

some large cap stocks, other cryptocurrencies and commodities.

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