#NatGas = Long Term Forecast = 24.12.2021 = $NatGas #commodities #energy #fintwit

If you followed @InvestingAngles and our NatGas forecast in September, you would know that #NatGas was entering a strong bear market three months ago. The bear is not done though, not even close.

The candles that are likely to be formed at the end of December will be brutal.

The Quarterly candle will be either bearish Engulfing or a Dark Cloud Cover. I circled the previous occurrences. It’s not difficult to imagine what happens next. Perhaps a multi-quarter decline?

The Monthly will be forming a Tower Top by Three Black Crows, setting the bearish odds close to 100%.

Not very much to add to the messages from candles that help us to produce state of the art long term forecasts.

I continue to maintain the hypothesis that NatGas is set to decline to below $1.44 in order to complete an #ElliottWave corrective structure. This would be ~78% off the most recent top.

Good luck!


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