Market Pulse – Bearish = 23.01.2022 $MSFT $AMZN $AAPL $FB $XOM $NVDA $TSLA $GOOGL

If these large players rally next week, that would be something! After these bearish weekly candles of the previous week, the chance of rally is miniscule, almost non-existent. But never Zero!

The US indices do not look very optimistic either, as discussed in the MARKET WEEKLY Video:

Let’s evaluate the weekly candles:

formed a Tower Top, one of the most reliable reversal candle formations, on the 7-week frame.

formed a Falling 3 Methods and is expected to move lower. High probability.

made a Spinning Top / Evening Star doji. If it is confirmed with a red candle next week, consider an extended move downwards.
This development in $XOM was discussed in the Educational video on $oil $WTI uploaded today:

$TSLA has a chance to build a monstrous Double Top. If confirmed next week, the stock could lose 300-400 points additionally.

printed strong bearish continuation candles that are supported by technical indicators.

To Summarize:
The large caps do not look healthy at all. While we could see a bounce early next week, the bearish odds are very strong and would not be easy to overcome.

This would correlate with the expectations for the major US and global indices and the volatility index that are discussed in details in the video below.

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Below are the links to an Educational video on Oil $WTI and the latest BITCOIN DAILY:

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